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Hello, and welcome. I’m Tracie.

If I had to describe myself I’d say I’m a sarcastic quiet loud introvert who loves people. I know that makes no sense but I feel like so many people need labels and those labels and descriptions end up painting them into a corner they can’t escape from without ruining something. I find if you self-describe rigidly you make friends in that same way, so that should you ever change, your friends don’t see the same things as you any longer.  I prefer a more eclectic approach, and it changes daily.

I do videos, I blog, I cook, and I love to be crafty. In the fabric sense, not the sneaky sense.

Some days I get up, look for my lacy understuff, break out my fake lashes and makeup case covered in red lips, throw on great outfit and sexy heels and go to Home Depot.

Other days I wear pajamas, no makeup, and a faux-hawk.

On pre-set days, I go to a shoot in boxers and a singlet and do a modeling shoot.

And yet other days I’m in regular yoga pants, no make up, nothing done to my hair but a shower, and my oh-so-ugly-yet-comfy crocs and I do what every other parent does: shout at the kids to get ready or they’ll miss the bus, look at dismay at the scale, pack lunches, teach my toddler to go on the potty, watch WAY too much Dora, contemplate a manicure as I’m washing dishes that I’m sure grew there overnight, and let the dogs out to pee while trying to aggressively staring down at them with threats of “woks” if they dig up my garden.

To my kids and man – I’m the chef, the purchaser, the chauffeur, the warden, the jailer, the maid, the nurse, the super-hero, the lover (only to the man. You’re gross), the friend, the enforcer, the protector, the watcher and the knower.  Basically, Just Mom. Me.

Welcome!  Thanks for being here.